سحبة مايلي ميكرو سويت توباكو

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سحبة السيجارة من مايلي

سويت توباكو


وصف النكهة: تبغ مدخن مع قليل من الحلاوة لمزيج مثالي.


:جهاز مايلي مايكرو 

• النكهة: توباكو حلو

• وزن خفيف

• مقاوم للماء ومختوم

• 3 ملي خزان مدمج

• مملوءة مسبقًا بالنكهة اللذيذة

• 50 ملجم من النيكوتين

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سحبة مايلي ميكرو سويت توباكو

سحبة مايلي ميكرو سويت توباكو

Myle Micro Sweet Tobacco is a New Cutting Edge Technology Defines Our Popular Disposable E-Cigarette
MYLE’s new Micro device is just that, a tiny handheld device that can claim to be one of the smallest, most compact devices on the market. But just because it’s small, does not mean we have compromised on any of the important features you expect from MYLE in a cutting edge device: featherweight, sleek, compact, easy to use, a pleasure to hold and one that delivers great flavor.

We made this device micro small, yet mighty, as this device features a 3ml tank that will deliver approx 1000 puffs. The cotton coil adds incredible stability to your flavor experience by improving the device performance and increasing the longevity of your coil. You will never experience a burnt taste with the stability of this cotton coil.

Flavor Description:

A bold and traditional smokey tobacco with a pinch of sweetness for a perfect blend.

MYLE Micro Vape Device:

  • Flavor: Sweet Tobacco
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof and sealed
  • 3ml built-in reservoir
  • Prefilled with flavorful e-liquid
  • 50mg of tobacco free salt nicotine

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 disposable vape device

How to Use MYLE Micro: Simple to use. Open the bag inside the box, it’s ready to go. Remove any silicon tips (if included), the device can be used immediately. *This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical and is not for underage use. MYLÉ Micro and other vape devices are for ages 21+ only.


More flavors available here for all Myle Micro




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